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Zakład Włókienniczy Biliński among the sponsors of scholarships under the “Youth in Łódź” program

The “Youth in Łódź” scholarship program aims to encourage young people to connect their future with Łódź, support the career development of students and support local companies in recruiting qualified staff.

Technological development, ecological activities, changing consumer needs, new functional properties of materials – these and many other issues await for future specialists who want to develop in topics related to the textile industry.

Therefore, taking into account future challenges, as one of the largest textile companies in the region, we decided to support students who plan to develop professionally in our industry.

As part of the program, the most outstanding person studying in such fields as: textiles, electrical engineering, textiles and fashion industry, environmental protection engineering, chemical and biochemical engineering, can compete for a scholarship funded by our company.

The application period lasts until October 27, 2023.

More information at page: https://mlodziwlodzi.pl/o-programie/opis-programu/